Do you “look like a quilter”?

Jose Cuervo close up

Image by Annie Mole via Flickr

I wanted to take pictures so y’all could see where I’m coming from but decided everyone would think I was the cigarette smoking, alcoholic quilter.

Well, that’s not too far from the truth. I am what people refer to when they say a character. I am as far from conventional as they come. My DD and I were driving and she pointed to a woman and said “she looks like a quilter”. So I asked, Do I look like a quilter? She said no?? What does that mean? How do you “look like a quilter?  She said you either do or you don’t.

I mentioned at a guild meeting that quilting keeps me out of the bars, and cuts into my drinking time. Okay, probably not a smart tactic to win friends and influence people especially not in front of a hundred or so women and holding the microphone. But come on, it was funny!

I use humor to deflect questions. I have Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia and so it’s difficult to walk and my speech is halting. It’s also hard to keep a train of thought going.

But boy can I quilt! So what if I don’t “look like a quilter”!



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2 responses to “Do you “look like a quilter”?

  1. lizzyjo

    Sounds to me like your guild loves you almost as much am my guild does me! I am the loud, rude, interrupting one who sets in the corner making dumb remarks, and loves to interrupt the meeting by talking when someone else is talking! I’ll never forget the time i wore my You Might Be a Redneck shirt to guild night… best night ever!
    When i first started quilting for others i got the “oh YOU are the quilter? REALLY?” i always wanted to ask them what a quilter was supposed to look like but i figured i wouldn’t like the reply cause i wasn’t changing ME for nothing!


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