Do you know Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber On set

Image by jake.auzzie via Flickr

I finally found a way to interest my DD, Bess in quilting!





Justin Bieber Concert Tampa


She wants to make him a quilt. Not a traditional quilt but an art quilt of using one of the pictures we took at his concert as the pattern. We are not talking photo transfer either, although she did start with that thought. I suggested a Warhol type thing but I think we may have come up with something different! probably not different to all of you Art Quilters out there, but for us this is a huge project!

Of course I’m aware, Mr. Justin will probably never actually get the quilt. I mean seriously, I wouldn’t begin to know how to get it to him. I imagine that once it gets close to being done I’ll look into that more. I’m hopeful it will be completed by October so she can get it into the West Pasco Quilt Guild  Quilt Show. Once it’s on the long arm table I’ll start posting pictures. She is gonna love using Timmy! (He’s a Tin Lizzie 18) Since she draws so well I can’t wait to see her thread painting!

Fortunately he’s a cute guy since I’m going to be looking at his face a lot in the coming months.

So if any of y’all out there know how to get in touch with Mr. Justin please Help!  Maybe some of your people know his people? Maybe we could get it to his Mom, now that would be a HOOT! I would love to find a way to get it to him. Bess is a good kid (don’t tell her I said that though) and has always worked more than she played. With three older brothers she cooks and cleans as much as I do.


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