I want to make the Baby Quilt!

No really, I want to make THE baby quilt!

I always jump at the chance to make a baby quilt. I don’t even have to know you well to make you a baby quilt. But so far none have been the quilt. A couple came close but I just didn’t hit it. It does sound like a silly thing to strive for.

Well, I’m way too old for kids so it’s not like I’m on a deadline. I don’t have grandchildren on the horizon (that I know about). #1 Son got married in October but as yet there are no plans. So I’m not sure where I got this “thing” to design the perfect baby quilt. I’ve made some really cute quilts too. I have no idea what I’m lacking!

I’ve searched and looked for ideas everywhere. I visit blogs and Etsy, Google and Yahoo. I have seen amazing quilts but not the quilt.

I think it will be a Double Irish Chain with applique (I like the 1.5 inch size). The borders are what’s stumping me. Maybe it needs embroidery too. I think it will be a girls quilt but maybe not. That’s it! I need to go to the fabric store and pick out more fabric! I never have enough baby fabric on hand to inspire me. I mean, with only two hundred yards MOL on hand I am definitely low!


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