But that’s not MY project!

Have you ever noticed that when you have things you really want to get done people show up outta no where wanting your help getting their projects done. Okay, so maybe not outta no where usually it’s my DH from the living room.

We went to Ikea a few days ago and picked out an entertainment center for him. That in of itself is a HUGE deal. My DH is not one to make a decision in a time frame relative to store hours. I made him go online and use their planner so he could see what it will look like. It took him three days  and he ended up with three different plans all out of our price range.

After about three hours walking around the entertainment centers my DD and I just sat and watched him. He now has intimate knowledge of every single one of them! He could not decide. Bless his little heart! He is a movie person and has approximately 400 DVD’s and now with Blu-ray is again “collecting”. So storage was the main concern. I can not tell you how many times he said “what about this one” and there wasn’t room for 200 DVD’s. The problem with Ikea? You have to design what you need with the units they have. You read that right? You have to design it! So another two hours later we all started walking around the rooms they have set up. DD and I walked again stopped and sat, and waited. I had found it. Storage in our price range and he could add all the extras a little at a time. When he finally reached us and I explained this system to him and how he could set it up he decided! YEAH TEAM!

So yesterday was assembly day. DD gets the old center, her old center goes to the play room and the new one goes to our living room. Oh yeah, we also have to take down the Christmas tree and decorations. In the process I emptied the pantry and reorganized it and made homemade chicken noodle soup. The pantry is an eight by eight room and all my small appliances have to fit in there too. For instance I have three big crock pots and four smaller ones.

So if you’re wondering? That quilt top, nope, not finished!


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