Happy Old Year!

I gotta say I’m more happy to see last year end of than to see  a new one begin.

Today I have to finish this quilt top! I’ve already designed two more in my head that need to be made! They are callin’ to me!  Besides after every project I stop and straighten up the mess I’ve made in here. Considering the size of this room straightening up is paramount if you want to move.

 This close to the end of the quilt top, the floor is littered with scraps and thread snippits, the cutting table has not only fabric but a pile of papers that my family thinks I should not only look at but do something with. Then there are magazines.  SHHH Don’t tell anyone but that where I get my color inspirations. Then there’s the grocery bags you know those plastic shopping bags, I have them tied to the sewing table and the computer desk. They are swollen with trash. Oh and this time because of the 30 degree days here in FLORIDA I also have a kerosene heater blocking the doorway. I trip on it everytime I come or go! Honestly I am blessed to have a quilt room so I’m not gonna gripe too much!

This year no resolutions for me! I’m gonna keep moving in the direction I think is forward and see what happenz!


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