Takin’ Mom Shopping! Oh Happy Day!

Instead of finishing up my quilt top today I have the unbelievable pleasure of takin my Mom and Max shopping. Not really a bad thing, we usually have a blast except… wait for it… she’s shopping for mattresses! I seriously wonder sometimes how she managed to raise three children alone! It’s the simple questions that throw me. What do I want? Do I like this one? Which one should I buy? 

Well, I shop price, I’m about as poor you can get without being homeless so we are talking used furniture store prices. She on the other hand is shopping by laying down on every set, in every store, in the tri-county area! So, today we are going back to the first store we visited two months ago! Round trip it’s an hour and a half drive in Tampa’s New Years Eve traffic! WHOO HOO! I am excited!

Did I even mention Max? Max is my Step Dad who I call Dad.. he’s a sweetheart, except when he’s not.  He does not like music in the car, the car windows down or talking. He especially does not like laughing. On Christmas he had me turn off the Christmas lights because he was sure the blinking would cause us all to have seizures. I call that guy Max and I try to not let him upset me. I know that’s not Dad. It’s Alzheimer’s and it’s not funny. Dad was a P.I. and has the funniest stories that have you rolling on the ground laughing and his laugh was contagious. Max doesn’t laugh or tell stories much anymore.

Well, pray for us..


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